v-tol products are fully supported by our team of systems engineers and skilled technicians. v-tol provides extensive technical and advisory support to industry, government and it’s commercial customers.

with over 10 years operational experience in the australian commercial airborne robotics uas sector, v-tol has built a capability and respected reputation in applying regulatory level processes and requirements to deliver benchmark quality services.

v-tol offers specialist and casa approved unmanned aircraft systems (uas) technical support, including:

A. Technical & Maintenances Services – 3rd party and V-TOL products
B. Geospatial services including Hi-Resolution (cm & mm) 2 & 3D data processing, analysis, reporting, online access & data storage;
C. Advisory services to Government and organisations on all aspects of UAS Capability Development & sustainment; and
D. UAS technical, maintenance and systems support.

critical to corporate and government risk management, v-tol holds the required casa certificates, controller licenses, area operating permits and qbe aviation insurances to provide fully compliant professional level uas flight and technical support services for your organisation.

v-tol & ausa personnel sit on the casa unmanned aircraft systems (uas) subcommittee and its industry working groups providing detailed ‘visibility’ on current and future regulatory requirements.

for further information on how v-tol technical support services can assist your organisation please

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